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So you’re expecting? Here’s what to expect to happen when you tell people

So, you are expecting?

Congratulations! You’re going to have a brand new baby joining your family in the not-so-distant future. And what a beautiful blessing that is! Whether you’re going to be a first-time mom, or you’re on to your third or fourth, when you first find out you’re expecting, you can be overwhelmed with many different emotions and thoughts. That same feeling kind of flushes over you once again every time you tell it to somebody new.  And admit it or not, people can get a little crazy when it comes to pregnancies! So, when you do decide to finally announce your pregnancy in public, you’re guaranteed to be met with all kinds of reactions.

Here are a few things that you can expect to happen when you tell people: 

They are going to ask if you know the baby’s gender

Even if you don’t want to find out yourself, everyone else will want to know (or venture a guess!) about the baby’s gender. Whether it’s human nature or plain nosiness, whenever you tell someone that you’re pregnant or they can see for themselves (thanks to your expanding baby bump), they are eager to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. So, do prepare yourself for such inquiries.

It might get a bit easier if you know the baby’s gender in advance and don’t mind sharing this little detail with your friends and well-wishers (or the random person in the supermarket checkout lane, as the case may be!). Of course, this is only true and applicable in countries where it is legal to find the baby’s gender before birth (In India, it is not).

But if you do choose not to know the baby’s gender beforehand (or are prohibited by the law of the land), this question may keep popping up every now and then before you give birth.

They will want to buy you stuff

From an intrusive question to a really sweet gesture. There’s just something about announcing that you’re pregnant that sends people into a shopping frenzy. Whenever you announce it to someone, they reflexively start talking about the cutest onesies they saw recently or a sweet little pacifier they just have to buy for your baby. It’s a blessing, of course! You might feel bad that you are not the one doing all the planning and buying, but you have to agree with seasoned parents when they tell you that babies don’t come cheap. There are a plethora of baby essentials that you’re going to need, so every single gift counts!

They will ask if you are quitting your job

From irritating to sweet, right on over to infuriating. You might get this one from the older generations, but there’s nothing like a growing belly to prompt people to ask if you intend on keeping your job (or not) after childbirth. Maybe because it was unheard of a few generations ago for women to work outside the home, or because some people feel that you should be around to raise your children, be ready to field this question every now and then.

In any case, irrespective of the reason, it is worth figuring out if you are planning to go back to work or stay home early on during your pregnancy itself. Planning for the corresponding implications (financial or otherwise) will help you have a stress-free childbirth and maternity break.

They will want to see the nursery

They may not ask to visit the nursery in person but may ask for pictures and want to know all about your nursery theme and decor. In the early stages, you may not have any idea what you want it to look like, but rest assured that by the time the baby arrives, you will know a great deal (thanks to all the helpful questions and suggestions from seasoned parents!). You might even have friends sharing ideas on Pinterest with you. This, of course, is a plus and could work out in your favor – especially if you have been lacking in inspiration.

They’ll start planning your baby shower

And finally, they’re going to want to know all about the baby shower you’re going to have. When it will be, what they should bring and so on and so forth. They may even start planning a surprise shower themselves if you are not upfront with your answers. So, if you want to have any involvement, you might as well step in and speak up before your family and friends decide on the theme, the date, and the caterer!


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