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What’s your word for this year?

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Back from the break

Happy New Year dear FertileBrains readers. I am finally back after my super long break. As much as I have missed writing on this blog and connecting with you, dear readers, I have also enjoyed my break immensely. I highly recommend a hiatus for anyone who is under stress or even for people who have somehow lost their sense of balance in the daily grind of living.

Things that happened behind the scenes while I was gone

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a piece here. Two of my posts got published on Parent Co in December. Yay! (You can read them here and here). On a more personal note, during this period, I have seen some happy events, some sad ones and in general, have found myself mesmerized by the circle of life in action.

But most of what did happen during this time is confined within my mind space. I am still struggling to find the right words to make sense of and to communicate that shift in thinking even to myself. But for the first time in a long, long while, I have managed to leave the guilt behind when not blogging or doing housework or homeschooling our son! I ACTUALLY DID TAKE A BREAK and lazed around most days. Can you believe it that during the last couple of months of 2016, I finished reading not one but five books? It may not mean much for many book lovers among us, but considering that these days, I am only “allowed” to read children’s books by our son, finding those tiny pockets of time to do some grown-up reading was beyond good! Not only that, but I enjoyed the holidays to the fullest too and did not – yes, you read it right, DID NOT – make any new year resolutions, not even one about exercising, ha ha!

My word and intent for this year

On a more serious note, this break has also made me re-think the general direction I want this little blog to take and the kind of writing I want to do moving forward. Some time back, I read in my Facebook feed about “My Intent Project” of defining a word for yourself – just one word. It is hard, but I am smitten by the concept.

Of course, I am too random to be content with just one word for the rest of my life, but a year seems like a good enough duration to have an intent. So, this year, my word is “FEARLESS“.

Fearless to write what I mean and mean what I write. Fearless to not care about site traffic and other shenanigans and revel in the pure joy of writing. Fearless in my choices of parenting even when they do not conform to majority opinions. Fearless to be a mother and someone outside of that definition too. Fearless to make mistakes and contradict my own self every now and then. And lastly, fearless to write my heart out and also to admit it, with abandon, when my writing lacks soul. If I can do all of that for most of this year, I would consider 2017 an exceptional year.

Before I end this post and work with “intent” on being fearless, here’s a recap of the high points of FertileBrains in 2016 for you (because the past is always the stepping stone to one’s future!):

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So, what’s your word?

Before I sign off for now, let me ask you this – Have you thought of a word for yourself this year? What is your motivation going to be? What is it that you covet the most to be a positive force for change in your life? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

Until next time, ciao!


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