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Viraltag – Social Media Scheduling Tool Review

Disclaimer: I was approached by Viraltag to review the pro version of their social media scheduling tool for free. However, the review is unbiased and all the opinions expressed here are solely my observations while using this tool.


It is no secret that I hate wasting time scheduling my social media feeds. But if you are a blogger like me, well, it is a necessary evil that you can’t escape. You can’t simply write a blog post and hope that readers will show up! You have to promote it – multiple times, if need be – if you are to attract readers from different social media channels on to your blog. But every platform has its own idiosyncrasies and getting the look and feel of your posts right, planning for the best times to post and so on and so forth, month after month can get pretty exhausting. Add to it the amount of time you have to spend curating “best in your niche” content to fill up your queues and soon enough, you would start questioning whether you are a “real” blogger or simply a social media marketer.

One-stop shop for your scheduling needs

Over the years, I have used many scheduling tools, written my own bulk scheduling code to speed up the process, and tried various combinations of scheduling platforms in an effort to bring down the duration I have to spend on social media. But it still is one of my least liked activities of blogging and I have to drag myself out of bed on the days when scheduling is on my agenda. So much so that I deactivated many of my social media accounts until recently and was using only Facebook and Twitter (and occasionally Pinterest) for the sake of retaining my sanity (even though it meant a corresponding decline in traffic to my blog).

When Sudheer Someshwara – Founder and CEO of ViralTag – approached me to do an unbiased review, my immediate thought was, “Eh! Don’t think this will work either.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise! Viraltag has not only cut down the time I spend on social media scheduling but also made it super-easy for me to set up my evergreen content on loop (one-time effort, then forget!). This gives me a lot more freedom to use the time saved to engage in actual interactions on social media instead of obsessing over repetitive tasks.

Here is a comprehensive review of what I loved most about ViralTag, and what I would like to see incorporated into this tool in future. And if, after reading my review, you think that this could be the social media scheduling tool for you too, then go ahead and use my link to register to ViralTag for a 14-Day Free trial (no credit card needed) and get a $15 credit to begin your Viraltag journey.

So, what is Viraltag?

ViralTag is a social media scheduling tool through which you can bulk schedule posts for almost all your social media platforms from a single dashboard. True to its USP, Viraltag has awesome support for visual content and unlike many other bulk-schedulers, it lets you customize images on the fly (with built-in image editor integration with Canva within the platform).

What I loved about Viraltag

There are many good features in Viraltag (You can check out the detailed step-by-step functionalities video in the next section of this post). Here I am highlighting the top options that stood out to me personally (as compared to other scheduling tools I have used in the past).

1. All-in-one platform for social media scheduling

At the first glance, what I liked about Viraltag’s dashboard and user-interface, in general, is that it is deceptively simple and clutter free. But don’t let this fool you because it is an all-in-one visual scheduling platform and you can do almost everything within the tool itself.

Social Media platforms supported

For the “Individual” plan which is sufficient (IMO) for most solopreneurs/bloggers, Viraltag supports ten social profiles (and unlimited RSS feeds) including Pinterest, Facebook (Profile & Page), Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn (Profile & Page) and Instagram. Unlike HootSuite, you do not have to integrate TailWind for Pinterest scheduling and you can do it directly on Viraltag.

Unlimited RSS feeds supported

In addition to that, it lets you add unlimited RSS feeds so that you can curate content from your favorite blogs and schedule them from within Viraltag itself. This feature is comparable to HootSuite. But what I loved about the feeds section (and which I did not see in HootSuite) was that in addition to RSS feeds from blogs, you can also add Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and Etsy Accounts too! This makes scheduling good visual content from your favorite people 🙂 so much easier and seamless! (This is an area where I had struggled a lot in the past, especially for Pinterest).

2. Post scheduling and content recycling/categorization

Post scheduling

This is probably the thing I loved most about Viraltag. There are so many different ways you can schedule a post (or a group of posts) that you probably won’t need another option for it!

  • You can directly schedule it from your blog via the chrome extension or add it through the Viraltag dashboard (from local, Facebook, Instagram etc.). No matter what image you select, you can put the source URL of your choice to direct it to your post.
  • You can schedule a post from the Feeds section via your blog’s RSS feed or your Pinterest/Instagram feed.
  • You can specify the time you want the post to go live or you can create a one-time day-wise calendar (for each of your social media channels) and schedule your post to go live during the next available slot in your calendar.
  • When scheduling, you can add multiple dates for the post to go live or clone the same post and alter its text to suit the word limit, hashtags etc. for your different channels.
Post recycling and categorization

This is a biggie which can cut your social media scheduling times to a fraction of what you would spend otherwise. If you write evergreen content and would like to send them out periodically (forever), all you have to do is mark them as evergreen and create your one-time scheduling calendar. Every time there is an empty slot in your calendar, an evergreen post will be picked up from your recycling queue to fill up that slot. Easy-peasy!

Not only that, if you create particular categories – for example, say seasonal posts for summer, winter etc. you can also set them in a loop based on category.

3. Bulk upload speed

I share daily quote images on my social media feeds. It used to take a lot of time to upload those images and schedule them. But since Viraltag is an image-oriented scheduler, I felt that the uploads were happening way faster than usual, which is a definite plus in my books.

3. Image-editing and integration with Canva

Viraltag has built-in integration with Canva to let you design the perfect image for your post from within the platform itself. I use Canva heavily and it is definitely a nice-to-have functionality.

4. Powerful analytics

Viraltag provides integration with Google Analytics and has different dashboards giving you varied information in easy-to-grasp visual nuggets like platform-wise traffic received, best times to post, better-performing posts (which you can convert to evergreen by the click of a button), follower growth, most repinned posts etc. The analytics are actionable (especially best times to post, best-performing posts etc.) and you can incorporate the findings readily to ramp-up your future growth.

5. Super-easy setup and extremely user-friendly interface

I know I have mentioned this earlier also, but setting up Viraltag and scheduling posts in it is extremely user-friendly. Even for newbies, the interface is intuitive enough that you would rarely if ever, need any customer service.

6. Quick turnaround for all customer-queries

Talking of customer service, Viraltag has a quick turnaround time for all queries. Although they do not have 24X7 support, I have received answers to my emails within a few hours (half-a-day at max.). Also, since they have a comprehensive collection of helpful videos and tutorials, it is quite unlikely that you will need to contact them for explaining any features.

Lastly, before concluding this section, one last thing that I need to mention here is that: If you are a small business or brand, you can also opt for its higher plans and have access to team workflows and advanced analytics.

What could be improved about Viraltag

Now that I have mentioned all the features which stood out to me in Viraltag, let me highlight some things I felt could be improved in the tool.

1. Google+ integration

A small fraction of my blog traffic comes from search engines. Google+, although a much-ignored part of my social media strategy, is crucial in that regard. So, I was hoping that Viraltag, like HootSuite, would have Google+ integration in place already. But at the moment, this is not the case.

However, I checked with Sudheer, Viraltag’s Founder and CEO, and he has assured me that the integration will be in place within the next 2- or 3-month period.

2. Post-tagging for Facebook and Twitter

Although this is not a deal-breaker, I would have loved if I could tag people/pages (with auto search and complete feature enabled) when scheduling posts for Facebook or Twitter (similar to HootSuite).

3. Uploading images directly from a URL

Again, this is not a deal-breaker. But when scheduling posts from the dashboard, I would have loved access to upload images from a URL in addition to my local drive, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram etc. For example, say, from an image folder/gallery on my blog.

4. Image filtering when scheduling with chrome extension

Although I love that I can schedule the same post with different images picked up from the post content, I felt a little overwhelmed because it did not filter out the really small-sized images (say, less than 200px by 200px) automatically.

Also, since in my blog, I use different images for featured, Facebook and Twitter via the open graph and Twitter cards (through Yoast SEO plugin), I noticed that my post’s featured image was not getting picked up in the list of images when using the chrome extension. This is again not a deal breaker as I can always directly upload the image while adding the post.

Getting started with Viraltag – Step-by-step introductory video

Now that I have talked about a few aspects that can be improved, the question that arises next is: How can you be sure that Viraltag is indeed what you need for scheduling your social media posts? Well, here’s a step-by-step introductory video by Viraltag’s Customer Success and Marketing Manager, Apoorva Srikkanth, for getting you started with the tool.

This video walks you through all its features, right from account creation to scheduling, curating and recycling content. The video also gives you a peek into its powerful post analytics features, which can help fine tune your future social media scheduling for best results.

In leaving

When I agreed to review Viraltag, I did not think it could solve a major portion of my scheduling problems so easily. It’s visual, intuitive, fast, and easy to use. For a solo-blogger like me with major traffic sources being Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, it is the ideal solution for my social media needs. And at the current price of $24 per month for an individual plan, it provides way more features than its competitors in the same price range. It is value for money and a sanity-saver. So, from my side, Viraltag gets a big thumbs up. And if you feel the same too, then do go ahead and give it a try!


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