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How to throw a fantastic back-to-school candy buffet celebration

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Wendy Dessler of OutreachMama on behalf of Sweet Services.

candy buffet

Back to school celebration

Summer is coming to an end and though children may be a bit hesitant to begin a new school year, you can ignite their confidence. Make the new beginning special by creating a back to school celebration, complete with a candy buffet. Throw a party for the kids and get them excited about what lies ahead. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

1. Choosing a theme and color scheme for your candy buffet

Your theme will be “back to school”. You will create a backdrop and cover the table in school theme decor. Choose the school colors to bring it all together.  You might consider using the school mascot as your theme and use the colors to trim it out.


Choose items for your theme that bring hope and excitement to the student. Consider sports, cheerleading, band, art, and friends.  Remember, to a child, an education is something the school gives you while you are living your social life.  The school is their whole social world. So, it’s imperative that they feel excited about going to school.

2. Choosing the bulk candy to order

Contact a bulk candy supplier to order a variety of candy. You should stay with three main colors for a professional look. We suggest Sweet Services, for price and selection that is second to none. It is a good idea to use candy that can be mixed or layered. Use different candies, mixing sweet with tart types of candy allows your candy buffet to change as the candy is consumed. Some should be scoopable and others could be suckers, cotton candy on paper cones or even jelly beans in ice cream soda cups with peppermint straws. Tubes of candy, such as Rolo’s can be covered in colored paper with a cone-shaped end and with the use of a sharpie, can be made to look like jumbo crayons. Use your imagination to elevate the theme further.


Keep in mind that there are children with food allergies.  Nothing is worse than having a candy buffet without enough selection for everyone.  Gummy candy, suckers, and other candy (not made with peanuts or tree-nut products) are great for the kids with food allergies.  Make sure you label the candy that contains no nuts, chocolate, or gluten.

3. Display candy

Set up the table in 3 zones with appropriate containers.  You should set up the table first to see how much space you have to work with before ordering the candy. Use a variety of containers, some tall and thin and others short and wide. Adjust the height by placing a small box under jars (covered in fabric or paper). Most designers use six to eight jars. Use decorations and bulk candy to fill in empty spots on the table. Some use six jars plus a centerpiece.  A cute idea for a centerpiece is a tray of stacked apples with gummy worms coming from them (attached with a dot of icing).


When using bulk loose candy be sure the openings of the containers are large enough for a scoop to fit in and short enough for the guest to reach the bottom. Use small scoops, ladles, large salad spoons, and tongs for getting the candy. However, do not get oversized openings. If it is too easy to get large amounts of candy out, your candy will not last long enough.

Back Zone

Use tall containers, photo boxes or glass jars to elevate your containers.  Make sure the containers aren’t too tall so your guests can reach the candy without tipping them over.  Don’t use loose candy in this area because it’s too difficult to reach and scoop out bulk candy in tall containers at the back of the table. The back zone is a good choice for gummy worms and tongs. This is a place to put things you want to be handled more delicately. As long as you make the height of the jars appropriate with the heights of the guests, you should have no problem.

Middle Zone

Display bulk candy in sets of two apothecary jars to balance the table.  You can use six jars to display a lot of candy without taking up too much space.  Some examples of bulk candy are M & M’s, gumballs, taffy, gummy candy, dots, and caramels.  Ask the professionals at Sweet Services for suggestions.

Front Zone

In the front zone is where you display in trays the individually portioned items like cotton candy bags, mints, and suckers.  This is a great place for a designer candy. Display these on a tray for a “one per guest” look.

Use books, rulers, pencils, and erasers to decorate the table.  Consider a chalkboard, chalk and an apple for the teacher. Anything that reminds you of school works. Small school themed snack size baggies are great guest bags.

In Conclusion

Your “Back to school celebration” will be a big hit, and the kids will be ready to take on the challenge of a new year. The excitement of the challenges ahead can be met with hope and courage.  The attitudes of the children will be directly influenced by the attitudes of the adults.  Get involved and let the children know they are supported. What better gift to give a child than motivation and security? What better way to present that gift, than with a “back to school” celebration?


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Wendy Dessler of OutreachMama on behalf of Sweet Services.


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