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The Year That Was – Celebrating FertileBrains’ Second Blog Anniversary

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The day before yesterday, FertileBrains completed two years in the blogosphere. On the inside, I am over the moon! But on the outside, I have been feeling a bit unwell this past week, which has put a dampener on the celebratory spirit. If I were not feeling under the weather right now, you would have read me gushing about it for 48 hours straight. I had such big plans of bragging 😉 Anywho, things being the way they are, here’s a brief preview of why I am happy about the past year here at FertileBrains.

I am grateful for the support I have received from all of you and I am excited about the future. So check out all the amazing things that you, my dear readers, have made possible!

Site Statistics

  1. Total Unique Website Visitors – 26K+
  2. Total Unique Website Page Views – 65K+
  3. Total Blog Followers (Social Media/Email/RSS etc.) – 6K+
Top Post Referrer Statistics
  1. Pinterest – 35%
  2. Facebook – 15%
  3. Others – 50%
Country Statistics
  1. Total Countries  – 142 Countries
  2. Top Countries – USA: 63%, India: 12%, Rest Of The World: 25%
  3. Devices Used – Desktop: 79%, Mobile:19%, Tablet: 2%
Demographics Data
  1. Gender – Female (94%) Male (6%)
  2. Top Age Group – 25 To 34 Years (50%)
Posts Statistics

1. Total Published Posts (till date, including this post) – 180

2. First Post – The Beginning

3. Most Shared Post – 10 Signs That You Have a Strong-Willed Child (8.2K Shares)

4. Most Commented Post – 10 Interesting Life Lessons I Learned From Quitting My Job(18 comments)

5. Posts Published on Authority Sites – 13 (See List Of Publications Here)


Performance Review based on Last Year’s Bucket List

Here’s how FertileBrains has done with respect to the blogging goals set for this year as compared to last year’s data.


As can be seen from the data above, for some goals, FertileBrains has done fairly well but for some others, it has fallen a tad short. I will do a detailed analysis in my next post for my blogger friends on the lessons learned, what worked, what did not etc. So do stop by next week for more insider info. on the world of blogging. I will also be setting goals for this year in my next post and this time, I am planning to be a little more aggressive than before. So yeah, definitely looking forward to my third year of blogging! 🙂

The road ahead

Moving forward, there are quite a few tricks up my sleeve that I am working on at the moment before the big reveal. I have a giveaway and couple of freebies planned for you, dear readers in my coming posts. I should have done them this week itself but my crappy mood has played spoilsport, so sorry about that! Hopefully, I will be 100% back to my usual self soon enough and continue sharing the good stuff with you 🙂 Till then, thank you so much for joining in this wonderful journey with me. I look forward to your continued support and hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland with me.




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