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Some reasons I don’t blog regularly (despite all the promises)


I would like to be regular with my blogging schedule and honestly, I try to be, very sincerely too. But chances are, if you have been following the evolution of FertileBrains, you would have noticed how erratic I am when it comes to my posts calendar (And that is one of the reasons why you should subscribe to FertileBrains weekly updates mailing list to get a friendly reminder for when I do post 😉 ).

Anyway, I thought I would just give you guys a heads up that this is not going to change anytime soon and also, a few reasons why you don’t see me posting regularly…despite all the promises:

  • I am a procrastinator and here’s how my brain works – “Why procrastinators procrastinate?
  • My son asked me to join him during playtime and I could not resist (especially when it involved racing or play-doh or some new toy just out of the box!)
  • I woke up in the morning and realized I had tons of housework pending (chances are more often than not, the housework will still be pending at the end of the day thanks to my procrastinating brain, but eh, it’s excuse enough not to open my laptop!)
  • I overslept either due to binge-watching TV shows till 4:00 am or because my son woke up at 4:00 am and by the time I was done catching up on my pending zzzs and following it up with breakfast and my first cup of coffee, it was already noon!
  • I ran out of post ideas. This, despite having a diary full of topics I can write about. Sometimes they just don’t seem inspiring enough. Writer’s block is a real thing, you see.
  • I was traveling or busy planning/packing for a trip.
  • Nobody visited my blog for a week (That’s how long it takes for me to get demotivated).
  • Someone (read hubby) “deliberately” forgot to tell me about a party we were supposed to attend in the evening till now and I spent the entire day “mentally preparing” for it. What can I say, I am an introvert and introverts need their prep time to attend large gatherings. Don’t believe me? Read this – “7 Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts” or watch this:

  • I was busy daydreaming, worrying about something or over thinking a simple situation (And by the way if you thought that was a bad thing to do, read this – “Overthinking Worriers Are Probably Creative Geniuses”)
  • I spent the entire day completing an art project/school homework that my son was supposed to do with just a tiny bit of “assistance” from me!
  • Someone in my home (could be me, could be hubby or sonny, it really doesn’t matter) woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and this affected my mood too.
  • Sonny was down with a cough and cold or was extra whiny (for no apparent reason or due to a growth spurt) or both
  • “Masterchef” Inspiration hit and I tried to cook/bake something delicious (In all probability it ended up in the trash once done, but eh, you can’t rush the creative process!). And yes, I spent more time cleaning the kitchen up later than the actual cooking time.
  • My laptop was too slow (because I had infinite number of internet tabs open on it and couldn’t allow myself to close them just yet because I was not done reading the articles) or my internet connection was too slow or both
  • I spent the entire day researching and downloading “Educational Apps” on sonny’s iPad (which by the way he rejected outright in favor of “Miles From Tomorrowland” and “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers Movie”).
  • I spent the entire day planning my blog calendar and sonny’s daily schedule or both and left myself with zero time for actual implementation
  • The day before, I recorded a movie I was dying to see for a really long time and couldn’t resist sacrificing my writing time to watch it instead.
  • I meant to write but instead found some code to tweak in the backend and so, spent the entire day coding and decoding something that no one will notice on the front end anyway
  • The dog ate my post notes…but wait, I don’t have a dog!…And many such big and small reasons.

And now you know why. So what keeps you from completing the things you set out to do in a day? Don’t forget to share.


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