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15 profound, funny and powerful things said by a child

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Children say the darndest things. In their innocence, they end up saying things that are sometimes profound, sometimes humorous, sometimes grave and sometimes revolutionary, but all these wise quips are almost always powerful enough to stop you in your tracks and ponder – “Did they just say it or actually meant it?”.

Ever since our son started talking up a storm, he has been responsible for telling his share of crazy stuff. There are some that I never forget and then there are others that I worry that I will not remember unless I wrote them down. So, here is a compilation of 15 such profound, funny and powerful things that our son has said over the years:

1. “You are ‘Joy’. You glow when it is dark.”


Our son is currently fascinated with the Pixar movie “Inside Out”. And he loves changing our names frequently (You can read about some of our favorites here). This statement, of course, was a literal one from the movie character Joy’s appearance and meant to be an announcement of my latest nickname change. But I love how insightful his quip turned out to be!

2. “This is not money. It’s just a ticket to buy things.”


Sonny said this a few months back when he was just about learning the concept of money. For him, at that time, only coins used to symbolize “real” money, but the paper currencies were just tickets like the ones you get in the multiplexes.

3. “I am not 5 years ‘old’. I am a grown-up. My number is 5.”


Boy, he took serious offense at the word “old” when I was trying to teach him his age couple of weeks before his 5th birthday. For him, “old” was a word to be used only with “grandpa” kind of people.

4. “People need sleep to transform from bad to good…and robots too.”


Our son loves the movie WALL-E and has watched it like a hundred times already! One day, when he asked me to watch it again, I felt I should be aware of exactly the kind of message he was getting out of this movie (He was 4-years-old at the time). So I asked him to tell me the WALL-E story before I could let him watch it. He summarized the important bits of the movie like this:

WALL-E turns garbage into cubes. Bad Eve-ah comes to Earth and blows things up…Khphichoooowwwww!!…Then Wall-E gives her his pet “plant in the shoe” and she goes to sleep. Then when she wakes up, she turns to good Eve-ah. They go to space and captain fights “Blinky” and saves the day! Sooooo….people need sleep to transform from bad to good…and robots too. Oh and Mo doesn’t like dirt.

That, in my opinion, is a 10/10 summary of WALL-E. I was surprised by his use of the word “transform” so accurately in the sentence, thank you “Transformers”;)!

5. “I was getting too big for your tummy, so I had to come out.”


My brother recently became a parent to an adorable little girl, our son’s very own “baby sister” (as he likes to call her!). This meant that he was suddenly privy to first-hand knowledge of a mother’s pre- and post-baby tummy courtesy my SIL. This, of course, led to quite a few discussions about “Where babies come from?” eventually culminating in the above summary from him: “I was in your tummy. Then I ate food and I drank milk. I was getting too big for your tummy, so I had to come out. At first, I was small like my baby sister, but now I am big.”

6. “I have too much. You buy me too much.”


Recently, I was busy re-organizing our son’s wardrobe. I dumped all of his clothes on his bed in a huge pile, which I then began sorting into three smaller, neat piles: one for winter clothes, one for summer clothes and one for clothes he had outgrown and which I needed to donate. He was playing on the floor in the same room and watching me do this.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he just blurts out “It’s too messy! I have too much. You buy me too much.” I could not stop feeling guilty about our over-indulgence. At the same time, I was pretty proud of our son!

7.  “Look, I found space. Oh, I missed you so much, space!”


This was again said in a literal way, even though it’s meaning turned out to be quite profound.

Sonny loves all things astronomy and he has many books about it. One particular book called “Space” is his all-time favorite. At one point in time, he was making me read 40 pages of it daily, which obviously took a lot of time and energy. By the time I could convince him it was enough for the day (without a meltdown), my voice would already be a hoarse whisper due to all the animated reading and discussions.

So, I did what any human being in survival mode would do! I just hid it in another pile of books which he usually never touched.

And that was the end of it (to my relief!) till he broke pattern one day and looked through that pile and found his beloved space book again. That was the origin of the above heartfelt expression 🙂

For him, it was a literal thing to say., But for me, the last statement was quite meaningful because, at that exact moment, I began suffering from the lack of (mental) space again 😉


8. “Today is my friend.”


A few weeks after his 4th birthday, our son had way too many things he still wanted to do before bedtime. So, he began protesting as usual. And like usual, I kept telling him how he could still do all of the things he was crying about the next day when the sun was up.

Of course, he still kept sulking “I don’t want to play tomorrow. I don’t want to go outside or go shopping. I want to do everything now, now, now! Today is my friend.” I shut my mouth up and did not bother him again about bedtime (Luckily bedtime became easier soon enough!).

9. “We get three lives to do the things we need to do or we can reset.”


This is again related to bedtime.

This time around (and also probably because it happened after his 5th birthday!), he was listing all the things he would do when he woke up the next morning. It was a huge list involving (but not limited to) globe-trotting, space-travel, being a pirate and what not!

I laughed it off and said that he would probably need more than a lifetime to accomplish what he was planning to do in one day.

He just quietly replied “That’s okay. We get three lives to do the things we need to do or we can reset.” My jaw dropped to the floor. This statement was obviously inspired by his recent love for video games. But it got me thinking, especially the “reset” part.

10. “I have a good idea. No, wait, I have a great idea!”


These days, whenever sonny wants me to get involved in one of his games, he just comes running to me with the brightest smile on his face, brimming with excitement and yell at his top-happy voice “I have a good idea. No, wait, I have a great idea!”.

And I immediately get sucked into his excitement and can’t wait to hear it. I love this statement because well, for me, it is a lesson in sales. If you are trying to sell an idea to the world, you should actually first believe in it with all earnestness and be excited about it before convincing others.

11. “I am a grown-up and a boy. There are things I can do and things I can’t.”


A few days ago, I was tired of helping our son put on his shoes (which he could very well do for himself), so I said “I thought you were a grown-up now. How come you are still asking my help to put on your shoes?”.

He just rolled his eyes and replied “I am a grown-up and a boy. There are things I can do and things I can’t. So you still have to help me.”

12. “Gravity is for floating up and then coming down.”


Sometimes, when I am tired of reading his “Space” book, I start asking our son random questions just to give my sore throat a rest.

This is how he defined gravity when I asked him if he actually understood what was meant by the word!

13. “I am Anger. Fire explodes from the top of my head when I can’t control it.”


This one is a recent addition. Again, inspired by the movie “Inside Out”. If you haven’t guessed it yet (or haven’t seen the movie), I am ‘Joy’ and he is ‘Anger’ and the above is what happens to ‘Anger’ when he gets ‘too much angry’. I couldn’t have defined anger better!

14. “This is not ‘Intelligent’. This is maths. ‘Intelligent’ is when I blow bubbles with the AC fan.”


Like any other child, our son loves bubbles. But he doesn’t enjoy putting the effort into blowing them. So, he is always on the lookout for shortcuts, his favorite one being – making me do it.

One day in peak summer this year, I simply refused because a mom can only do so much!

After whining for a few minutes, he came up with the perfect solution of standing in front of our air conditioning unit with the bubble wand and letting the AC fan do the job. It was a great solution. He could now generate four times more bubbles with almost zero effort! So I exclaimed “Wow! This is an intelligent solution!”.

Fast forward to a couple of months later. He was doing maths and did a tricky addition problem that I thought he would not be able to do. I automatically blurted out this compliment “Well done! You are so intelligent.”.

He just laughed at me as if I had said the dumbest thing there is and replied “This is not ‘Intelligent’. This is maths. ‘Intelligent’ is when I blow bubbles with the AC fan.”

He was right! Intelligence is what intelligence can create.

15. “That is enough. You just don’t know it yet.”


As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes worry about our son’s lack of peer interactions. Most of the times I also worry that I am not doing enough and am decreasing his chances of success in life.

So every now and then, I ask him if he misses school and whether he would like to try it again? Maybe he would enjoy making new friends, playing games and having fun with them?

“No, I don’t want to go to school. I already have friends. I already have toys. And I already do my homework at home.” Pat, comes the reply.

So I try to reason with him and tell him all the fun things he is missing out because he is not going to school. “But you don’t have enough friends. You can’t have enough fun all by yourself. Don’t you think you are missing out?” I prod him again on the days when I am feeling really awful about homeschooling.

He just looks me square in the eye and says “I have friends. I have fun. I have toys. That is enough. You just don’t know it yet.”.

And we leave it at that….for the time being, at least.

Over To You

Which quips did you like the best? What are some things that your children have said to you that made you think or smile or feel proud or even creep the hell out of you? Don’t forget to share in the comments section below.

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