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Preschool Educational App Review – Kidloland

Disclaimer: I was provided the “Kidloland – Nursery Rhymes For Kids” app for free to review. All opinions are, however, my own and have not been influenced by the app owners/publishers in any way.

My love for educational apps is not new. I love a good app which can occupy sonny in a safe, engaged way and give me some respite during our hectic days. So, when I was approached to provide a review for Kidloland, I was more than happy to try it out. So here’s what Kidloland is all about.

What is Kidloland App?

Kidloland App is a multi-award winning the app for preschool kids (1-5 years of age) boasting of an impressive array of over 245 nursery rhymes and educational songs and over 100 educational activities. This kid-safe app is available for download on Apple App Store and is an all-in-one app for getting your little ones ready for kindergarten in a fun and engaging way.


Who is Kidloland App For?

Kidloland App is mainly designed for kids under 5 years of age and I do agree with this classification. Sonny being almost at the end of this range, he does not get many new educational inputs from this app but nonetheless, he thoroughly enjoys playing with it. So, if you are a parent planning to buy this app, please note that this app mainly teaches Pre-K concepts like ABCD, Numbers, Animals, Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, Insects, Shapes etc. and so if your child is already comfortable in those, then you can give this app a skip. But this in no way means that the app is any less entertaining to slightly older kids (5-7 years age range) and so if you want an app from purely entertainment perspective for your little ones, then this can surely become your Go-To App.

What are Kidloland App’s Main Features?


As the image above depicts, following are the main learning categories in the app:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Vehicles
  • Animals, Birds, And Insects
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Lullabies
  • Months
  • Christmas

All these categories are further subdivided into sub-categories catering to specific interests.

What We Love About Kidloland App

Here are a few things I and Sonny loved about the app:

  • The songs are all interactive and the characters come alive and do specific actions when touched engaging children for a really long time.
  • Once downloaded, the app does not need an internet connection to work, making it a perfect app to have on long road trips and outings when children are confined to their seats.
  • Being kid safe, the app is ad-free and so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally clicking on and navigating to some inappropriate ad pages.
  • I love the fact that the download section is divided into categories so that you can download only what you currently need. It also lets you know the exact download size/available space requirements beforehand and does not bail at the middle due to limited space.


  • I was pleasantly surprised by the games related to space, aliens, firefighters etc. which are sonny’s favorites.


  • I love the karaoke style English subtitles below the songs, which is helpful now that sonny is learning to read words.
  • But the best part for us is the lullaby section which works great for us during bedtime as the songs are soothing and help relax sonny down.

What We Think Needs To Improve In Kidloland App

  • I’d love to see Kidloland App include more writing practice specific games as the current ones are quite easy.
  • A nice to have feature could be for the lullabies to run in audio-only mode too, even when the screen is locked, just like regular song apps.
  • I don’t like the out of focus feature when the songs are paused because we would have loved to use the app (the subtitle feature to be exact) as a beginning reader too.

Our Overall Rating For The App

All in all, this is a great app to add to your list of favorites for preschool learning. With a subscription cost of $39.99/year, this is value for money and can quite easily replace all other preschool apps that you may have right now. We would definitely give this app a 4.5 rating.

App Download Links

Home Page:


So, do check this app out on Apple Store in case you have a preschooler at home. He will surely enjoy playing and learning through this app.

Disclaimer: I was provided the “Kidloland – Nursery Rhymes For Kids” app for free to review. All opinions are, however, my own and have not been influenced by the app owners/publishers in any way.


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