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Of eaglets and flight

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  1. I can relate to this. I wanted to homeschool my daughter, but she seems ready for school. I’m going to push her out of the nest this fall to see what happens, I’m happy you found a good school for your son.

    1. Thanks! I wish you the very best too for finding a school your daughter loves. I, for sure, am pretty grateful that our son has adjusted so well to his new school from day one (No homework till elementary grades may have something to do with it!). As scared as I was, it has been pretty easy to get him ready for school in the mornings. Hoping that I don’t jinx myself by saying that 😉 Anyway, good luck! And thank you so much for stopping by. Cheers, D

  2. Oh Daisy! Loved the way how you have expressed your emotions. 💞 Best wishes to sonny to fly high in this new path!!

    1. Thank you so much, Janani 🙂 The signs are positive so far, hope this works. Thank you so much for stopping by and more importantly, for your lovely words. Cheers, D

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