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Monthly updates, lessons learned and site statistics for October 2016

Happy November, FertileBrains Readers!

I am back with the analysis of last month’s traffic data here at FertileBrains along with the latest updates, lessons learned, future plans and more. So let me start with the site statistics first.

Traffic Report For October 2016

Here’s last month, October’s Google Analytics Monthly Site Statistics for your reference:

Observations and Lessons Learned

Thumbs Up
  • I finally managed to curb the fast rising bounce rate on FertileBrains and limit it to less than 81% (as compared to 88% in September).
  • Last month, I wrote even fewer posts than September – partly due to the holidays and partly due to being unwell (varied reasons thanks to the weather change!). So most of my traffic came from old posts, which is a plus, considering that this is one of my must-achieve blogging goals for this year).
  • I created a freebie corner for email subscribers only. Although it is still in its infancy and yet to include many freebies that I have to offer, it has surprisingly led to an increase in my mailing list subscribers.
Thumbs Down
  • The biggest negative this month is in the serious dip in traffic levels (almost halved as compared to September’s). But this is something I expected considering that I did not put much effort into social media promotions (I simply did not get the time). In future, I have to become more social media savvy and keep promoting my content even when I am not writing new posts.
  • Another big negative that I noticed only recently is that my site’s load times have been vacillating between 3.5 secs to 15 secs. 3.5 sec is somewhat acceptable but 15 secs is a big No-No. This too may have contributed to the less traffic this month. And sadly, this huge spike in response times is something that is beyond my control and has happened due to database connection issues. This is making me wonder if it is time to move my little blog to a better service provider. I am still hoping that it is temporary and will resolve soon. If not, I will have to make big changes, which I am in no mood of doing right now 🙁
Points To Ponder and Future Plans
  • I need to make the Freebies Corner more value-filled. It is one of the top action items on my TODOs list for this month.
  • I haven’t submitted any posts for publication on authority site for ages now and that is something I want to do this month for sure!
  • In addition, I have started a YouTube Channel and become more active on Instagram, which means that you can see more varied content from my side in near future on those two platforms. So, go ahead and follow FertileBrains there too (if not already done!) 🙂

Top Three Posts Of The Month

Here are the top three posts which have done well in October. Please do head over to the links listed and check them out.

Top Three Site Referrers

Below are the top three referrers of traffic to FertileBrains last month. In October, StumbleUpon was a surprise addition and surpassed Facebook in terms of site references (of course, partly due to the fact that my FB page was mostly neglected during that time).

  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook

In Parting

As always, I am grateful for the support and encouragement that I keep receiving from all of you, dear readers both on- and offline. So thank you for that!

I look forward to providing entertainment and value through this platform in November too and would look forward to your continued support to keep FertileBrains alive and thriving.

Like always, I would love to hear suggestions, ideas, critique and everything else in between to improve FertileBrains and would be happy to receive all your inputs in the comments section below.

And last but not the least, I hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting/blogging and beyond with us!



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