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Monthly updates, lessons learned and site statistics for August 2016

Happy September, FertileBrains Readers!

Site Statistics

Here’s last month, August’s Google Analytics Monthly Site Statistics and Alexa Rank for your reference.

FertileBrains Site Statistics For August 2016


Observations and Lessons Learned

Thumbs Up
  • For the first time, FertileBrains’ site statistics have crossed the 10,000 Monthly Pageviews mark (300+ PageViews and 150+ Unique Visitors Per Day) which is awesome and celebration-worthy (I thought FB will never reach that!). The next target is to achieve 1000+ pageviews and  500+ unique visitors in a day. Let’s see how long before FertileBrains reaches that level.
  • I am especially happy about the fact that due to a fair amount of evergreen posts, the page views were not exactly dependent on the number of posts I wrote this month (five, half of the number I usually write). This is very important from my personal life point of view because 10 posts a month was getting a bit too much and one of my main purpose of starting this blog – work-life balance – was getting defeated. Not anymore!
Thumbs Down
  • One thing which I am not happy about though is that: with increased traffic, there has been a corresponding increase in the bounce rate for the site. To be able to retain the traffic for longer and maybe possibly convert them to regulars is up on my agenda next.
  • Also, with increased traffic, the site performance and response times have degraded a bit (which could probably be one of the reasons for the increased bounce rate). So, next point on my agenda is to work on performance optimizations for FertileBrains to bring it’s response time down to a couple of seconds.
Points To Ponder


  • Last month, my strategy has been writing better quality, longer content and also not shying away from promoting them to the fullest. This seems to have been paying off nicely, as now, I am finally (after god knows how long!) seeing some passive income in the form of ad revenues from the site; not a lot, but enough to pay for the site’s hosting and other costs.
  • Also, up until recently, I had only written parenting posts mostly. But in the coming months, you will also see me show my techie side a bit more. I will be diversifying the FertileBrains blog by writing more posts related to blogging, social media, and code hacks. I did not realize I had anything valuable to add to this topic but turns out some of those posts are doing quite well with the blogger communities. And I get asked many questions on various social media channels on whether I have written anything related to ‘XYZ’ blogging topic. So, yes, I intend to answer all such questions in the coming months.

Top Three Posts Of The Month

Here are the top three posts which have done well in August. Please do head over to the links listed and check them out.

Top Three Site Referrers

Below are the top three referrers of traffic to FertileBrains this month. Like July, Pinterest has been a clear winner with respect to referral traffic this month also. Facebook and Search Engines have been 2nd and 3rd, with Search Engines closing in on the gap fast.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Search Engines

To Conclude

All this progress at FertileBrains would be impossible if not for the continued collective support of all of you, dear readers and the encouragement that I keep receiving both on- and offline to keep going. So thank you for that!

I look forward to providing entertainment and value through this platform in September too and would heavily bank on your continued support to keep moving forward.

I would love to hear suggestions, ideas, critique to improve FertileBrains further and would be happy to receive all your inputs in the comments section below.

As always, I hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting/blogging and beyond with us!




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