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How to make Ghee (Clarified Butter) and Milk Cake at home from Cream

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I don’t usually do recipes. I have maintained time and again that cooking doesn’t interest me and I am not particularly good at it. But when there is some recipe which doesn’t involve too many ingredients and which is very easy to make, especially, for an inexperienced cook like me, then I am bound to share it with you.

For the uninitiated, Ghee is one of the superfoods of the world and is used extensively in Indian Traditional Cuisines. It is a must in all Indian Households and is used almost daily as a cooking fat. Here are some Benefits of Ghee and 10 Reasons to Use it Every Day.

If you are looking for a shortcut version of making ghee, you can follow this recipe here which shows how to make ghee from butter.

However, I prefer doing it from the source, i.e., from the milk itself. So, here’s my version (well actually, the most traditional version of) how to make Ghee i.e., Clarified Butter and Milk Cake – a “grainy” version of Fudge – at home using Cream.


1. Full-fat milk cream: 1 liter (Note: You can get your own milk cream from full-fat Milk. Here’s how.)
2. Sugar: To taste


1. In a thick bottomed skillet, pour the full-fat cream and turn on the heat (low to medium). Keep stirring the cream slowly.


This is how the cream will start looking after a few minutes of heating and stirring (The yellow portion is what will eventually convert to butter).
2. Continue stirring occasionally for another 15-20 minutes on medium to low heat making sure the solids don’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.


When all the water has evaporated from the cream, the milk solids will start coming together and the clarified butter will separate from it. It will look like a clear golden liquid at the top and brown milk solids at the bottom (as pictured above. Sorry about the picture quality, am not good with the camera either!).

3. When the milk solids have browned up a little more (just a few minutes before burning), turn off the heat and let the skillet cool down a little so that you can handle pouring out the liquid without getting a nasty burn.


4. With the help of a fine mesh sieve, filter out the liquid from the milk solids into a glass jar and let it cool further.


When the liquid has cooled down, it will become a thick yellow slurry. This is your clarified butter.


5. Add sugar to taste to the residue (milk solids) and refrigerate it in a rectangular box before cutting it into the desired shape (rectangles or squares or even diamonds!). This is your “Indian Fudge Cake” commonly known here as “Milk Cake”.


Enjoy your clarified butter in different healthy ways. Here are some suggestions for you to try out!

How to get milk cream from milk

1. Heat milk until its boiling point.
2. Let it cool down to room temperature and refrigerate for a couple of hours.
3. Skim the thick top layer of the milk (this is the milk cream) and store it in a container.
4. Put the container in the freezer and keep adding more cream to it daily till its filled to the brim and ready to be used to make ghee/milk cake (Go Back To Recipe).

Now, it’s your turn to share. Tell me, what are your favorite super-easy recipes.


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