When life gives you lemons…

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Pre-post note: 

Before you start reading the post, here’s a note to set the context right (in case you are wondering):

Why am I, all of a sudden, writing about lemons?

Well, I woke up dreaming them (probably because I ran out a couple of days ago, then bought some, then consciously looked at them and thought “They are so pretty!”.

And ten seconds later, “Well, what could I possibly do with them other than make lemon tea?”).

Anyway, after I woke up today and had procrastinated for a while googling “lemon dreams” and came to the conclusion that it was a total waste of my time (Learned nothing new about anything, despite my open-mindedness to all things paranormal!), all I was left with was this thought stuck in a loop inside my head “When life gives you lemons…”.

Ten minutes later, I was listening to “Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden (Bet you can’t get that tune out of your mind!). And all that I could see was just a yellow lemon tree… 😉

So yes. When life gives you lemons – rather, lemony thoughts – over and over again, you have to get them out of your system the only way you know – by writing. So, this post is meant to be the proverbial lemonade I am sharing with you from today’s life-given lemons 😉

Love it, hate it, but it is what it is – a lemon transformed.

Make lemonade…or maybe not!

As the cliched proverb goes, lemons equal adversity. And you are advised to make the most out of your adverse circumstances, no matter how painful. So, lemonade equals a positive spin to negative events. Right?

Yeah, right.

But what if you don’t want to? What if you detest lemonade and would rather watch the lemons rot and die? Or, for that matter, admire the lemons a little too much and would rather keep them close and look at them from ten thousand different angles before deciding what to do with them?

To do or not to do is the question

So, my unsolicited suggestion to you?

Well, do what probably I’d like to do with my share of life’s lemons. Hint: It’s not lemonade!

But, first things first.

When life gives you lemons, sort them by quality before everything else – Borderline OCD has its perks, you’ll see! Then get to work.

What to do with the overripe ones?

Toss them away. They are not of much value anyway. They are not worth fighting for. In fact, if you have sufficient self-control (I don’t!), then (maybe) you can manage to throw them into the dumpster straight away and forget they ever existed. Why waste time and energy salvaging the unsalvageable? Let go.

What about the best of the lot?

Well, there is plenty of good inside their stinging centers. They are the ones that need the utmost care. They need saving because these sour lemons of today are the lemon tarts, lemon meringue pies, and your citrus gardens of tomorrow. So, save every last bit you can.

Save their seeds to plant later, their zest for that extra flavor, and finally their juice for your MasterChef recipes. Salvage as much as you can, because if you work hard on them today, they will blossom into something awe-inspiring tomorrow.

“I know it may seem small and insignificant, but it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. That’s not a seed, any more than you’re just a boy.”

― Dr. Seuss

What about the “not so good, not so bad either” ones?

Sadly, most of the life’s lemons, like the classic bell curve, are in the mid-range. Not the best quality, not the worst either. These are the difficult ones, the hardest to figure. Because no matter how many people tell you that lemonade is the way to go, you know in your heart of hearts that lemonade is not for everyone.

But these regular everyday lemons get tossed at you anyway – left, right and center. They don’t stop. They don’t let you take a beat.

How can you handle these? How should you?

Well, the good news is – their averageness makes them versatile too. So, when life gives you the usual lemons, get busy detoxifying.

Nothing better than lemon water in the morning for purification, right? Your internal systems will thank you for that!

Or maybe, make that lemon scrub you have been reading about on the net since last month to get that perfect, clear skin glow or remove those nasty blackheads. A little vanity can go a long way to boost your self-confidence, don’t you think?

Then again, what if your mind and body are in perfect harmony, but not your surroundings? Then go ahead and use the acidity of the lemon to put a shine to your silverware or to get your home smelling refreshed and energized. A little citrus can surely perk up your senses and revitalize your existence, you’ll see!

So, yeah. When life hands you the average joe of lemons, learn to clean up your messes and feel alive.

But wait!

What if you are feeling overwhelmed already?

Do you need a moment? No problem.

Quarter or slice the lemons and freeze until you are ready (enough) to work with them. They can wait for you. You know that, right? If they are yours to deal, they will wait.

All said and done…

…you have to be grateful that life thinks you worthy of its sour lemons.

Or for that matter, you have a life (and tastebuds) to feel their acidity. So, go ahead and do whatever the hell you want to do with them lemons.

Throw them in the dumpster and forget, freeze them, make a pie, be grateful, drown in tequila shots, plant seeds to a future possibility, whatever! They are yours. You handle them the way you deem fit.

Bottomline, SURVIVE.

And make sure you don’t listen to someone who probably is just thirsty and wants you to do all the hard work for a soothing glass of lemonade 😉


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