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Have you tried these 7 tricks to win over your strong-willed child?

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  1. This is a great list. I have a strong-willed toddler, and I do find that when I explain my reasons for things, he tends to respond better. I’m also trying to pick my battles better. Of course, things like hitting are never OK, but if he wants to play with a certain toy quietly in his room instead of napping, sometimes that’s OK too! Thanks for sharing at the #ManicMondays blog hop!

    1. Thanks Meredith and good luck with your strong-willed kiddo 🙂 Always happy to join your blog hops!

  2. Daisy these are great tips. My daughter is strong willed and once I figured out this is how to deal with her,life became much easier.

    1. Thank you Healing Mama. Glad you could identify with these tricks. And, I completely agree. Once we stop being stubborn ourselves and chalk out a plan about how to deal with the strong-will of our kids without breaking their spirits in the process, life does get easier 🙂

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