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Google Analytics Monthly Site Stats For June 2016

Happy July, FertileBrains Readers!

Here’s last month, June’s Google Analytics Monthly Site Stats and Alexa Rank for your reference. I have been away from the blog and social media mostly due to an extended vacation, which, by the way, I am in no mood of ending anytime soon! (NOTE: This has got to be the topmost perk of staying home and homeschooling.) 😉

Anyway, to add to the holidaying mood, I have a very iffy internet connection at the moment. This has made writing and publishing new articles and promoting them on social media difficult. But the good news is that this forced offlining has made me think of creative ways to decrease my dependence on being online, 24X7 for blog related activities. I will talk about this in a moment. But first, check out the stats below.

Site Statistics



The number of visitors to my blog has almost halved as compared to last few months, as expected. But surprisingly, I am getting way more engagement than ever before! This may have something to do with the new site design. Also, I started implementing more Pinterest-friendly images in my posts based on suggestions from one of my blogging buddies, Healing Mama (Her blog is awesome, so do check it out!). This has definitely ramped up my site traffic, though I still have a long “pinteresting” way to go! (Psst! In case you are not following FertileBrains on Pinterest, then don’t forget to do so for more cool posts and infographics.)

Published On Other Sites

This month I did not get a chance to submit articles to other sites thanks to being so caught up with my life outside the blog. But hopefully, next month I will get a chance to change that. Here’s the complete list of my past work which has appeared on prominent sites:

The Other “Geeky” Thing I Am Proud Of

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am on “restricted” internet access. That means I cannot just head over to “Canva” or “PicMonkey” to make my images “Pinterest-worthy”. And this has been on my TODO list for ages to update all the featured images on my posts to better-looking ones. So, I did what any software geek would do. I wrote a Java Batch Program to create all my images offline. Yay!

I know, I know, for seasoned developers this is not a big deal. And the funny thing is that in my past life as a software architect, I have written code way more complicated than this. But as a SAHM, I happily and consciously decided to forget my past skills. That is until this “forced internet restriction” made me think outside the box. I am so excited to have done this and being able to merge my love for writing and coding into a single platform 🙂 More power to Girls Who Code!

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Looking forward to your continued support to FertileBrains.

And as always, hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting and beyond with us!



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