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Google Analytics Monthly Site Stats For January 2016

Happy February FertileBrains Readers!

Here’s last month, January’s Google Analytics Site Stats your reference.


The stats have dipped even further thanks to the extended break that I have been taking. Plus the theme changes and some backend changes that I made, impacted the site’s SEO. It should all even out and be back on track in a couple of months, give or take a few days.

Anyway, I am glad for a couple of things last month:

Firstly, FertileBrains post 10 ways having a 4-year-old is similar to a gym membership got featured in MommyAtoZBlog

And secondly, we crossed goal no. two set for FertileBrains for this year.

  • 2. Second Goal: Networking
  • Improve social media presence – Double total social media and subscriber count from 600+ to 1200+
    Publish a few guest posts – Invite guest posts on FertileBrains from fellow bloggers and parents, so that it truly becomes a platform of multiple parenting voices and not just one
    Guest Post On Other Blogs – Write at least one guest post on another blog

So, thanks a ton for that, Dear FertileBrains Readers! Now, on to the other goals for this year 🙂

As always, hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting and beyond with FertileBrains!



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