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Google Analytics Monthly Site Stats For February 2016

Happy March FertileBrains Readers!

Here’s last month, February’s Google Analytics Site Stats your reference.


This month the stats have improved a lot compared to last month’s as I am back (more or less) to my usual blogging schedule and more importantly because two of my below posts were picked up and shared on Brain, Child Magazine’s Facebook and Twitter Feeds resulting in much wider circulation:



Another milestone I wanted to celebrate with you, dear readers is that now we have a decent site rank on Alexa, which until a couple of months back used to be “indeterminate” considering that the website was nowhere on the world map. Though this ranking has to be taken with a pinch of salt (as it varies on daily basis and is prone to wide variations, especially for websites over the 100k mark) but like I said some time back, celebrating even the smallest of wins is how I roll nowadays 😉 So, thank you for this, dear readers, because your visits are what makes this site tick.

Looking forward to your continued involvement with FertileBrains.

And as always, hope to keep seeing you tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting and beyond with FertileBrains!



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