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Here’s last month, November’s Google Analytics Site Stats your reference.


The stats have dipped slightly due to less number of posts last month.

As the festival and wedding session in full swing here in India, I have been taking a few days off here and there from time to time (and will continue doing so till Mid February, I guess!).

Nonetheless, last month, I was very happy and honored to start a collaborative journey with two wonderful bloggers Healing Mama and Emma Lawson for a couple of guest posts on FertileBrains:

I am looking forward to continuing this collaborative effort in the coming months too!

Finally, to all my FertileBrains Readers, A Big Thank You for visiting and commenting on the posts 🙂

Hope you are having a fabulous end of year festivities going on, whichever part of the world you may be in!

As always, hope to keep seeing you down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting and beyond!



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