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September’s stats have gone down to almost half of what I was getting these past few months. But that is due to the fact that I was busy with birthdays and family visits and other such activities which took me away from my blog. I didn’t really invest that much time on posting newer content, so the decrease in visits is proportional to the decrease in useful content and so, is as per my expectations.

Nonetheless, I am still glad for the small, yet tremendously loyal followers, who have time and again encouraged me to keep on writing this past month and conveyed their motivating words to me through various social media platforms. Thank you for that, my dear friends!

So without further ado, here are last month’s stats for your reference.


Just to add further, I have made a few changes to the look and feel of FertileBrains over the weekend. Do let me know what you think of the new look (What works and what does not work?)!

And as always, hope to keep seeing you down the rabbit hole!




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