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10 fun ideas to try when your partner is bored at home with a new baby

A new baby changes home dynamics

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! Your wife is a new mother and it is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. She is aglow with adoration for her little one and filling her days with learning how to be the best mom ever.

But there is one aspect of being new parents that nobody tells you about: it’s boring. Your baby is cute as a button and you love her to bits, but she isn’t the best conversationalist yet. This makes long days at home feel like quite the adjustment to your social life as a married couple. This addition to your life means taking steps to make sure that your relationship stays happy and healthy, and your wife feels fulfilled even when stuck at home.

Here are 10 fun ideas to try together with your partner when she is bored at home with a new baby:

1. Plan a get-together

Being new parents doesn’t mean that you both have to sit at home with the baby every single night. Plan a get-together with your friends, family, or other new parents and have them bring their new bundle of joy along. Grab a couple of glasses of wine and buy fancy cheeses and appetizers. This gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up on life and relationships that don’t have to do with babies. Other fun things you can do with friends is to have a sleepover, a dessert night, a wine or craft beer tasting party, or an at-home picnic.

2. Cook a gourmet meal together

Find an online video of a gourmet chef or a fantastic Pinterest recipe and a bushel of ingredients and get ready to have a cook-off with your mate. Take turns playing chef, turn on some of your favorite music, and get cooking. The more challenging the recipes, the better it is!

3. Game night

Game night is always fun whether you’re new parents or just dating! Burst out your playful competitive side and start a game night with your wife. Order in your favorite take-out and choose your favorite game. You could cycle through your board games and even plan a surprise gift for the winner. You could also play a physical game like poker, Twister, or foosball. Video games are another great way to get competitive with your spouse while you’re bored at home with a new baby. With video games, you can choose anything from sports games, games based on choices, FPS, or fun two-player puzzle games.

4. Theme night

One great idea to spice up a boring night is to have a theme night. Get creative with this idea. Your theme could be “Superhero Night” when you both dress up like your favorite superhero and play superhero themed cartoons, movies, or games. “Mexican Night” is also another great interpretation. Cook up your favorite Mexican food and set out some guacamole. “80s Night” is another fun idea where you can both dress up in 80’s style costumes and do a marathon movie night of your favorite 80s classics.

5. Binge on Netflix

Netflix is hardly a new idea for those stuck on the couch for the day. After all, Netflix was practically created for homebodies. If your partner is bored at home with a new baby, check out this streaming service and find your new favorite shows. Spice up your Netflix routine by choosing to watch shows by genre. For example, choose three crime documentaries to watch. Watch spooky episodes of your favorite shows back to back. Search through a genre that you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards.

6. R&R time

Having a new baby is exciting, but it can also be stressful and physically exhausting. Want to give your wife the most relaxing night of her life? Make sure she’s getting pampered with an at-home R&R massage marathon. You can amp up the fun in this already pleasurable experience by trying your hand at new and exciting massage techniques such as deep tissue, Thai massages, hot stones, Swedish massage, reflexology and more.

7. Date night

Just because you’re bored at home with a new baby doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little romance into your evenings. Get the baby monitor ready and light some candles, fill the bathtub with your favorite bubble bath and slip in together. This is a great way to catch up and spend some much needed “date night” time together.

8. Read together

If you’re the kind of person who perceives that a night snuggled up with a book is the perfect evening, this one is for you. One great low key date night post-baby is to pick a book and read together. Grab a suspenseful mystery or tickle your mutual funny bone with a comedy and take turns reading paragraphs or chapters aloud to one another. This is a great way to sit back and relax with a book while spending your time with your significant other. Another great way to get your reading in as a couple is to listen to a riveting audiobook while snuggled up on the couch.

9. Get fit

If you’re stuck at home anyway, why not work towards that dream six-pack as a couple? Couples who support one another see more results when it comes to getting fit. And forget the six-pack, there are plenty of other benefits to getting your sweat on. Benefits of exercise include reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, strengthening your muscles and bones, getting rid of that extra baby weight, and not to mention the release of feel-good endorphins.

10. Camp at home

Utilize your yard. Plan a night out with the baby, in the backyard! Set up some string lights, your favorite snacks and drinks, and some great mellow music and bundle up in your backyard together. Soak in your hot tub or sit by a portable fire pit and roast marshmallows for a calm, relaxing night.

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Your wife loves her little one, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy to spend her entire day listening to nursery rhymes and changing diapers. A little break in her monotonous early mothering days will go a long way in warding off the baby-blues and making her feel special again. So go ahead and give your wife some fun at-home date nights to liven her days when she’s bored at home with a new baby.

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