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Free e-book of the week: Moon Cheese by Sally Huss

About This Series

“Free e-book of the week” combines two of my favorite things – Books and Free 😉 This is my way of nudging the hibernating (ahem! to be honest, almost on the verge of a coma) bookworm in me (and hopefully in many other parents out there like me) out of slumber and back into the reading habit. Through this series, I hope to introduce good e-books and authors to FertileBrains Readers and in the process re-ignite my and others love for books. I will be talking mostly about children’s books and parenting books in this series but may digress from time to time to include any other interesting reads I may encounter on the way.

Moon Cheese

Last time, I reviewed an e-book for nature-loving kids from the Terry Treetop series called “Terry Treetop And The Lost Eggir?t=fertbrai-21&l=as2&o=31&a=B00DOAHBZU Free e-book of the week: Terry Treetop And The Lost Egg - Tali Carmi” by Author Tali Carmi and illustrated by Mindy Liang. This week I am back with another children’s rhyming e-book by Author/Illustrator Sally Huss called “Moon Cheese” which is sure to spur the imagination of the young ones.

Please Note

For the uninitiated, Kindle e-books are not just for reading them through your Kindle reader.You can read them even if you do not own a kindle. Any phone, tablet or PC can be used for reading these e-books by installing the corresponding app for free on your respective devices. Please refer to this link for more information and download options.

About The Book


The narrator, like many of us, has heard the rumors that the moon is made up of stinky green cheese. So he decides to climb up to the moon with the help of a moonbeam to investigate. But when he arrives, he is greeted with not one, but quite a few surprises! What does the narrator’s investigation reveal? Read this fun, imaginative rhyming e-book to find out!


  • This is a delightful and clever book to read to kids who enjoy reading stories about the moon and love all things astronomy like sonny.
  • The illustrations are beautiful and endearing just like the author’s other books and the language are easy, but not overly so, introducing beginning readers to many new words.
  • From the moment the narrator lands on the moon, the story turns to an amazing exploration of how moon cheese is made and how the moon ends up lighting the night sky so brightly. Small children will love this story at bedtime to spur their imagination and dreams!
  • The message of hard work delivered in an unassuming fashion at the end of the book is a wonderful takeaway for kids: “You too can shine by working in ways that are good.”
  • The ending statement “The end but not the end of doing good things” serves as another moral for the story and is the hallmark of all Sally Huss Books.
  • All in all, this is a wonderful book to add to your children’s library. And the best part? You will enjoy reading it as much as your children will enjoy listening to it (and believe me, they would ask for this book often!)

About The Author

Author Sally Huss’ writing/painting of over 30 years has been described as bright and cheery – All her children’s books bear the byline “Another Happy Book” and they aptly describe the positivity shared in each one of them. From U.S. and Wimbledon Junior Champion to a semi-finalist in the Women’s division at Wimbledon to successful Children and Adult Book Author, Sally Huss has done it all and done it well. Please visit her website to know more about her and her books. There are also links available for additional free e-books and beautifully designed “Certificates of Merit” to present to children for being helpful, kind, respectful etc. (Themes are based on each of Author Sally Huss’ books). Again, don’t forget to check out the Art tab on the website also which takes you to Author’s Fine Art America profile which contains beautifully illustrated posters, messages etc.

Disclaimer: The book showcased in this series is available for free on Kindle at the time of publishing this post. However, FertileBrains has no control over when the book’s value changes or if the book goes out of circulation. It is solely at the discretion and ownership of the showcased book’s author.


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