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Free e-book of the week: Bedtime, Little Bear – Igloo Books

About This Series

“Free e-book of the week” combines two of my favorite things – Books and Free ūüėČ This is my way of nudging the hibernating (ahem! to be honest, almost on the verge of a coma) bookworm in me (and hopefully in many other parents out there like me) out of slumber and back into the reading habit. Through this series, I hope to introduce good e-books and authors to FertileBrains Readers and in the process re-ignite my and others love for books. I will be talking mostly about children’s books and parenting books in this series but may digress from time to time to include any other interesting reads I may encounter on the way.

Bedtime, Little Bear

Last week, I reviewed the thought-provoking anthology “Stories For Parents, Children And Grandchildren” compiled by Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho. Today, I am¬†sharing with you an adorable bedtime story book for small children (Under 5) called “Bedtime, Little Bear” from Igloo Books, written by John Lancer and illustrated by Rebecca Payne.


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For the uninitiated, Kindle e-books are not just for reading them through your Kindle reader. You can read Kindle books even if you do not own a kindle. Any phone, tablet or PC can be used for reading these e-books by installing the corresponding app for free on your respective devices. Please refer to this link for more information and download options.

About The Book


Little Bear is playing outside when Mama Bear calls out to him because it’s getting close to bedtime. Little Bear does not want to stop playing, he is not sleepy either. So he pretends not to hear.

But other forest animals hear Mama Bear too and they want to help. So, they start calling out to Little Bear one by one, but he ignores their summons pretending the voices he hears are just forest noises.

The sun is setting and yet Little Bear wanders away from home, playing game after game till he realizes it’s too dark and he doesn’t know the way back home! What happens next? Read the book to find out.


  • What attracted me the first time to this book was the beautiful illustrations done by Rebecca Payne which is absolutely adorable and keeps the little ones glued to each page mesmerized.
  • This is a perfect bedtime book for young kids who are similar to¬†Little Bear and don’t want to go to bed.
  • The length is perfect, which means you won’t hate reading it back to back 3-4 times if¬†asked!
  • Though this is not a rhyming book, it is very well written indeed with a rhythm and flow to it almost like poetry.
  • There is a lesson in the book but it is not over the top and¬†the message gets passed seamlessly.
  • I love the autumn colors in the book, all in all, a cute subtle story for little ones reminding them to listen to their parents.¬†I am quite happy to have this in my collection.

About Igloo Books

Igloo Books have a wide array of bestselling books, toys, and apps for children including but not limited to pop-up books, touch and feel books, encyclopedia, activity books, sound books and regular books and e-books. They are an independent publishing company based out of several converted farm buildings in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, UK. Till date, they have over 3,000 editions in 37 different languages, most of which are readily available in all major stores including Amazon. You can read more about Igloo Books and the products they offer here.

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