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The Four Kinds Of Picky Eaters (Infographic)

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Did you know there are four kinds of picky eaters? My son has almost outgrown his picky eating behavior but this categorization (though slightly dated) has surprised me. I always had difficulty calling him a picky eater considering that he doesn’t really shy away from trying new foods. Turns out he is a “sensory-dependent picky eater” and has trouble with slimy textures and looks and smells that he considers funny.

Last year, I did a humorous take on my son’s picky eating behavior in a post called “How to get a picky eater to eat in 40 easy steps”. Do give it a read if you are looking for a laugh.

But if you are a parent like me – confused about whether your child is indeed picky or not – and if so, how exactly to tackle this behavior, then below infographic will definitely help you:


Please note that above categories are not mutually exclusive. A child may show behaviors from one or more categories and the intensity may vary from child to child. For example, my son is a “behavioral responder” too but not to the degree to cause a meltdown.

Additional Resources

Here are a few additional resources from authority sites talking about this categorization and handling your picky eaters:


Just remember, as long as they are getting their nutrition requirements from a variety of healthy food sources spread over the period of a week or so, forcing a specific source (food item) is secondary.

And all children eventually outgrow their picky eating behaviors, my son being an example in point (Hope I don’t jinx it by saying it out loud!).

It’s your turn now to share. Do you know which category (or categories) your picky eater falls into? What are your tactics for handling this? Don’t forget to write in the comments section below.


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