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Celebrating First Year Blog Anniversary

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We Indians (sorry if this sounds like stereotypical typecasting!) are chronic “down players”. We have a tendency to downplay our achievements and our milestones. The moment we achieve one set of goals, we start eyeing our next target, the next big dream, long before we’ve had a chance to celebrate the current success.

And that’s the first thing I did when I noticed the date October 12, 2015, on my calendar last Monday. I quickly downplayed FertileBrains’ First Year Blog Anniversary and dismissed it by saying “Oh, it’s not a big deal. The blog is still new, there is still so much to do. I will just post regular stuff today and focus on my numbers!”.

And I kept doing it for the most part of this week…posting regular stuff and downplaying the milestone. Just like when I had downplayed the launch of this blog…There was no pre-launch social media coverage, not even post-launch sharing, I simply told/messaged a few friends and family shyly to take a look at the website…hubby did the same too and that was the end of it, nothing more. And we kept it that way for the most part (9 months, give or take a few weeks) of last year. We downplayed our blog.

It’s of course, a fake mask of humility. IT IS A BIG DEAL. No matter how small the milestone is, but I am tremendously proud of how far FertileBrains has come from being a nascent blob of confusion and directionless ambling of my brainwaves into a focused website of parenting experiences, challenges, and advice. I am proud that I have continued blogging despite the occasional slumps.

FACT: Most new bloggers give it up within the first 6 months, because the beginning 1-2 years of a new blog are extremely discouraging and demotivating. You have to think of blogging as a “lambi race ka ghoda“, nothing’s going to click in the short-term!

I am happy that the occasional slumps did not succeed in sucking out this blog’s life force. I am very proud of the direction where FertileBrains is heading. If I have to narrow down just one thing that I have learned this past year, it has to be how not to get bogged down by the “Chronic Down Player Syndrome”. Any milestone, however small, has to be applauded and celebrated because, in the end, these small moments are what make up a big happy life 🙂

So, here’s me, celebrating The First Year Blog Anniversary of FertileBrains with all the pomp and splendor and attention that any anniversary deserves, with the people (Yes, you, the readers) who must be a part of this party for being in this interesting journey with me. Thank you, dear readers, for tumbling down the rabbit hole with me into the wonderland of parenting. Thank you, dear readers, for letting me know the time and again that my tiny voice matters in the blogosphere. And thank you for simply making the past year – a year filled with interesting lessons and a tremendous amount of learning, un-learning, and re-learning. It has been one heck of an adventure so far and I am absolutely looking forward to the next!

Check out the statistics that you (FertileBrains Readers) have garnered this past year on the website. Thank you so much for that!

1. Total Unique Website Visitors – 6000+
2. Total Unique Website Page Views – 13000+
3. Total Blog Followers (Social Media/Email/RSS etc.) – 600+
4. Top Post Referrers
a. Search Engines – 20%
b. Facebook – 20%
c. Others – 60%
5. Countries
a. Total Country Coverage  – 52 Countries
b. Top Countries
b.i. USA – 39%
b.ii. India – 24%
b.iii. Rest Of The World – 37%
6. Devices Used
a. Desktop – 79%
b. Mobile – 19%
c. Tablet – 2%
7. Demographics
a. Male/Female Percentage – 20/80
b. Top Age Group – 25 To 34 Years (73%)
8. Posts Statistics
a. Total Published Posts – 80 (Excluding this post)
b. First Post – The Beginning
c. Most Shared Post – First Year Parenting Resources (114+ shares)
d. Most Commented Post – 10 Interesting Life Lessons I Learned From Quitting My Job (18 comments)
e. Most Viewed Post – 10 Rookie Mistakes In Baby’s First Year (940+ views and still counting)
f. Featured Posts
f.i. On mommyatozblog10 Things I Love About Being a Boy’s Mother (At No. 1 Spot)
f.ii. On mommyatozblog10 Things That Happened When I Stopped ‘Entertaining’ my kid
(At No. 3 Spot, yes I downplayed that one and never celebrated this on social media 🙂 )

As I re-read the statistics, I feel an amazing sense of achievement, especially if you consider that for the first 6-7 months, FertileBrains’ monthly stats did not even cross 500 page views (This month it has crossed 1500 views in 15 days!).

In hindsight, I am extremely grateful to the events which lead up to my starting this blog after quitting my IT job.

In the coming weeks, I will share with you – my mistakes, learning, and advice from this past one year of blogging. I will also let you guys know the goals that I have set for myself for the next year. (What better way to keep slackers like me on track than to declare goals on a public platform 😉 ). So don’t forget to come back and check soon! Like our Facebook Page if you would like to know when new posts are up on the site.

Once again, I thank you all for visiting FertileBrains and am grateful for the love and support I have received this past year from you guys in my blogging journey. Hoping for continued motivation and constructive feedback from you guys, as I explore different facets of parenting from the perspective of an Indian mom raising her feisty and adorable son in a metropolitan.

Thanks, A Ton!

PS: I would absolutely love to hear from you guys about the things that you would like me to write about in the coming months and also any other feedback/constructive criticism (Things you like about FB, things you would expect to improve on FB and so on). So don’t forget to share in the comments section below and/or on social media 🙂 Thanks!


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