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After the radio silence, on and off for the most part of February and March, I am hopefully back to blogging on a regular schedule [I hope! I don’t know though, ’cause the moment I commit to something, there is always something else that takes center-stage in my world and the commitment goes kaput! But let’s just hope it won’t happen this time around 😉 ]

So, what have I been up to? Well, hubby’s been out of station for some time which means instead of two people, there is only one person entertaining sonny dearest. And boy, the pressure that creates! I cannot be out of sight one minute without having a complete meltdown. Add to it the angry outbursts that I have to handle after every phone conversation with hubby. Well, you miss papa, I get it. But how does it help if you hit ma or pull her ponytail the moment she keeps the phone down? Someone’s gotta help me input some logic into sonny’s brain about that! I wonder if I will go completely bald by the time hubby is back! (Hope not! Just a few more days to go..).


Anyway, Holi was fun, though not quite so much without hubby around ’cause he is the life of the party after all 🙂 But at least sonny had quite a blast. It was his first Holi where he was grown-up enough to be able to appreciate the fun without needing me to constantly follow him around lest he hurt himself or got scared of something. Mixing colors, splash gun (or “super soaker” as sonny loves to call it!), water balloons, mud…what more could a kid ask for? (I wanted to add fabulous food to the list, but who am I kidding? Sonny and food just don’t go together). Hope your Holi was as colorful as ours (or even more!).

Besides the festivities, I had the privilege of being the sole listener (mostly) of sonny’s constant chatter. Yes, the kid does speak! It wasn’t long ago when a couple of “concerned” elders suggested me taking him to the doctor because “he was so quiet”. And I, in turn, bugged my parents every single day with questions like “Why doesn’t he speak in full sentences yet?” “When did I start talking?” etc. (Basic science did not seem to help much: 1. Boys talk later than girls. 2. Kids with older siblings talk earlier than first-borns. 3. Multi-lingual kids talk later than kids exposed to a single language). Unfortunately, the same folks will still think sonny is just babbling away because, for some crazy reason, he decided English was his first language/mother-tongue (and not Hindi or Bengali…what’s up with that?) and his accent is a mix of the characters from Daniel Tiger, Dora, The Cat In the Hat, Paw Petrol, Mickey Mouse, UmiZoomi, Bubble Guppies, Curious George, Pingu … well, you get the picture! So, I am the only one who gets most of what he is chattering about (maybe because I am the one who is sitting there watching all those cartoons with him!). And I miss the days when he was this teeny-tiny baby who would sit at one place quietly and play (rather slobber all over his toys)! Most of all, I miss the silence, the ability to think without the constant “aaga-magas”, “umiiiiiiiii-zooooomiiiiis”, “here we go, go, go, gos”, “knock-knock” on top of “Ma, Ma, Ma, listen, listen, listen…” and the hundreds of stories about “fookey fiders” (read spooky spiders), how the comet is going round and round the sun and what not! Anyway, this is just a reminder of how wishes do come true 😉


Apart from all the above things getting the biggest share of my attention, I have also reached a teensy-weensy milestone with regards to this blog. The blog has reached 50+ likes on Facebook and 175+ views on the odd days when I do get a chance to write something decent (without getting sidetracked to attend sonny’s commands…he is sooo bossy!). These numbers are nothing when you compare to even moderately successful blogs, but for someone who is an introvert with very limited capacity to “spread the word” and who is just 31 posts old in the blogging world (including this one), it’s encouragement enough to keep going.

But to do this, I need your help to understand what I am doing right and more importantly, what I am doing totally, horrendously wrong. With this in mind, I have a small survey link included here. Would appreciate if you could share your views about FertileBrains there, so that I can take this blog further, one like and one view at a time. Thank You!


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