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Blogging Goals For Year Two

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As promised in FertileBrains’ First Year Blog Anniversary post, here are my goals for the second year of blogging and a performance review based on the objectives from last year.


As always, I am grateful to the readers of FertileBrains who have visited the site time and again and helped me arrive at these targets in the first place. I really appreciate your readership and look forward to your continued support in my attempt to transform FertileBrains into a site of shared learning by, for and from new and seasoned parents alike.

Happy Parenting, Everyone!

Blogging Goals – Year Two

1. First Goal: Traffic

  • Increase Total Unique Website Visitors – Double it from 6000+ to 12000+
  • Increase Total Unique Website Page Views – Double it from 13000+ to 26000+ and hopefully to 30,000+
  • Reduce Bounce Rate – Decrease it by 3% from 70% to 67%
  • Increase Average Session Duration – Increase it by 1 minute from 2 to 3 minutes
  • Increase Pages/Session: Increase it by 1 from 2 pages per session to 3
  • Increase Posts Count: Write more often and increase post count from 80 to 120

2. Second Goal: Networking

  • Improve social media presence –  Double total social media and subscriber count from 600+ to 1200+
  • Publish a few guest posts – Invite guest posts on FertileBrains from fellow bloggers and parents, so that it truly becomes a platform for multiple parenting voices and not just one
  • Guest Post On Other Blogs – Write at least one guest post on another blog

3. Third Goal: Break Even

Though FertileBrains is not making any real money right now, I am hoping that by next year-end, it should succeed in becoming a self-sustaining endeavor and break even. To elaborate a bit more, it should be able to cover the below costs incurred on yearly basis from income generated through its own advertising revenues:

  • Domain Hosting Costs
  • WordPress Costs
  • Other Miscellaneous Costs including essential plugins, backup infrastructure, maintenance etc.

4. Performance Review Based On Last Year’s Bucket List

Below is the bucket list of vague goals with which I had set out on my blogging journey last year. Here’s how I have fared in terms of these objectives.

a. Learn how to create some basic animation

  • Been there, done that, didn’t like it much. The five-plus free animation software that I downloaded and tried are all really clumsy to use. I am not going to spend any more energy and resources on learning a skill I don’t enjoy doing much. So, with a renewed appreciation for all people who actually create the storyboards and ultimately bring the sketches to life, I’ll just let the animation gods, Pixar, take care of this aspect and my love for cartoons.

b. Get my long overdue Sun Certification for Enterprise Architects

  • Too bored to open technical books these days 😉 so not interested in doing it anymore. I am just going to strike this goal out for now.

c. Become an expert at making Tiramisu

  • Can’t do it, unless someone can help me find mascarpone cheese in Noida-Greater Noida region 🙂
  • Just so you know, I still love baking other cakes and desserts and I intend to continue with this passion for the next year too. It’s just that tiramisu will have to wait till I find all the ingredients or learn to make them from scratch!

d. Document my thoughts on parenting, technology and all other things under the sun that excite me as an individual through this blog.

  • Doing it already and absolutely loving it. A big thumbs up for this goal 🙂

e. Rekindle my love for music and the keyboard

  • I try to play from time to time, but it seems sonny loves music more than I do now. He immediately takes over the moment I start playing.
  • So, I am changing this goal for next year to “teach sonny some basic music on the keyboard” instead.

plantf. Learn gardening

  • fishAm not a black thumb in gardening anymore! Yay! See the proof of my “live” (and hopefully thriving) indoor plants here.
  • In my opinion, I think I have exceeded this goal if you consider raising sonny’s pet fish as part of my learning process of keeping living things “living”, that is 😉 See how beautiful and big the fish have grown!
  • So, the goal for next year is to continue working on this skill and become better at gardening.

g. Finish little one’s birthday scrapbook

  • I figured out during the course of last year (and plenty of sonny’s school art projects later) that I am not a very artsy mom. So this goal has changed. The aim now is to throw everything into a giant metal treasure box i.e., a “sindook” and present it to sonny on his 18th birthday….he can do whatever he wants with it then 😉

5. Other Intangible, But Extremely Important Goals For Year 2

  • Do some more traveling and exploring with sonny and hubby, and write about it
  • Find a balance between sonny’s academic, co-curricular and unstructured activities; and write about it
  • Continue balancing work-life (I religiously sit for at least 4 hours a day with my blog, so yes, this is work! 😉 )
  • Spend quality time with family. I have learned during the course of last year and beyond that quality time does not have to mean some amazing trip someplace or tons of toys and presents. Sometimes just sitting side by side and playing or talking is just as important! Sonny’s favorite statement these days is: “Come, sit with me. Let’s talk about planets.”…I love our discussion on planets, by the way, as much as sonny does, so in year 2 I intend to take this discussing further (way beyond our solar system and galaxy) 🙂

So there you have it. My blogging goals for Year Two.

What do you think? Are they difficult (but not insurmountable) or are they too easy? Do you have some other goals/changes in mind for FertileBrains? Don’t forget to share. I always look forward to all your comments and suggestions.



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