A Little About Us

About FertileBrains

FertileBrains is an attempt at deciphering and hopefully resolving (to some extent) the chaos of modern-day parenting, especially for first-time parents. This site is intended for all families struggling to keep up with the demands of raising kids (or hoping to raise them sometime soon!) in today’s ever changing parenting landscape.

You are definitely on of those tired and overworked parents when:

  • The definition of “success” in your dictionary is an average (very “normal” sort of) day which you and your children survive without any major mishaps.
  • You are worried that your children are growing up too soon and at the same time, not quite soon enough.
  • You start ahead of schedule every single day but somehow always end up running late.
  • You are calm and patient one moment and a raving lunatic the next.
  • You realize how confusing and contradictory the life of a parent is.

FertileBrains welcomes such dazed and like-minded parents to share their happy and sad stories, personal hacks to survive the overwhelming days and everything else in between. Through the looking glass of this blog, we hope to take a peep into the lives of mothers and fathers all around, as they tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of parenting.

About Daisy Suman

Hi there!

I am an obsessively hands-on Stay-At-Home Mom, Parenting Blogger and Short Story Writer. In my past life (prior to motherhood) I was a workaholic Java Solution Architect. I quit my IT Job in September 2014, after 12 long years working for one of the Top 10 technology firms in the world, TCS, to enjoy more time at home. Though my software experience is currently confined to maintaining FertileBrains, I still love getting my hands dirty tweaking the backend code for this site every now and then.

But what I love more is getting my hands dirty literally doing different arts and crafts, cooking and science experiments with my 4.5-year-old son. Though these experiments are mostly unsuccessful (read disasters) and end up in the garbage bin, the time I get to spend with my son exploring the world through his eyes is priceless.

Here are some fun and some not-so-fun facts about me:

  • I live in National Capital Region, India with my awesome husband and super cute son who give meaning to my life
  • My name “Daisy” is actually a pet name given to me by my son couple of months before his 3rd birthday based on one of his favorite cartoon characters at that time: Daisy Duck from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Every time he called me “Daisy” instead of “Maa”, it would entail fits of giggles and sometimes uproarious laughter from him, so much so that hubby dearest decided to change my name on his cellphone to Daisy as a joke and it stuck!
  • Since then sonny has changed our (my, hubby’s and his own) names almost every month. Some of my favorites include:
    Sonny Me Hubby
    Pluto Saturn Jupiter
    Mercury Venus Earth
    Woody Jesse Buzz
    WALL-E Eve-ah Captain
    Mario Princess Peach “Nice” Supper Villain
    Scooby Doo, The Dog Daphney Shaggy
    Goku Chi Chi Gohan’s Grandpa
    Nature Cat, Tally Hooooo Daisy Rabbit Halo, The Dog
    Anger Joy The Purple Guy (Fear)
  • Just like my son, I absolutely love cartoons! I never miss a Pixar movie and we (sonny and me) spend many, many afternoons watching reruns of classic Disney cartoons or Pixar films (Till date WALL-E is his favorite!).
  • I am also crazy about mystery, sci-fi, and supernatural stuff, be it books or movies.
  • I am an introvert and am very comfortable staying home and interacting with people through the veil of my computer screen 😉
  • I can’t sit still, I have to have an agenda and keep doing something every waking hour. Without work (doesn’t matter whether it is paid or unpaid labor 😉 ), I feel very depressed and exhausted.
  • I am a night owl and hate waking up early!
  • I like tea, but I love coffee and am super grumpy on the days when I don’t start my day with it 🙂

Here’s a link to some of the well-received posts from me on other (better-known) blogs: Published Works

When I started this blog apprehensively in October 2014 (Thanks to constant reminders and lots of prodding from hubby!), I was totally unsure what I would even write about and what shape this blog would take. But over the course of a year and a half, this blog has transformed into a kaleidoscope of thoughts and experiences in parenting, not just mine alone, but of many other parents out there who have been generous enough to share their experiences with us. I am excited by how far this little unsure blog of mine has grown and cannot wait to see it evolve further!

You can also check out the inception story of this blog: The Beginning