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10 things you can do to revive a dead blog post

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More often than not, the first life of a blog post is limited (at least in my experience). Once you have published your post and promoted it, the post will bring in page views for a few days before the traffic tapers off and the post moves to life-support (unless of course, it goes viral!). Add in newer posts on top of it and soon you end up with a forgotten and eventually a dead blog post.


But the good news is that unlike living beings, reviving a dead blog post is quite easy. And if you keep re-inventing your content, you can keep your blog post in circulation for a really, really long time. So without further ado, here are the 10 things you can do to revive a dead blog post.

1. Spruce the post up and republish

Every 6-12 months, it is a good idea to revisit an old blog post and add in new information. Maybe, some things you said back then are no longer relevant, may be new data has come into play, maybe there are some points in the post that you can expand upon. In any case, whatever the reason,  sprucing up your old blog post, adding in better, more relevant pictures and data and republishing will definitely bring it back from the dead. Just remember that when you are republishing, you must update your publication date to current date as well for better results.


If you are worried about being repetitive, don’t be. Chances are that during the 6-12 months since you wrote that post, you have already gained many new followers who have never seen your old post in the first place.

Even if you are worried about annoying your loyal readers, don’t. New information (and images) help freshen up the old post for people who have already read it in the past. Add to it the terrible half-life of social media posts in general, chances are that amongst your long-duration followers also, only a few would have seen/read it on their social media feeds during the first circulation.

2. Recycle the content to create a presentation and upload it to SlideShare

SlideShare is a wonderful way to get more eyeballs to your content and provide more value to your readers. I have started using SlideShare only recently, but it has helped expand FertileBrains’ reach to a broader range of audience for sure. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a pro at PowerPoint to create a presentation.

Canva provides beautiful and elegant templates and designs to get you started with little or no design experience.

 3. Recycle the content to create an Infographic and upload it to Pinterest

Infographics do amazingly well on Pinterest. So, if your post can serve as the starting point to a good Infographic (or a checklist for that matter, like this post), you must go ahead and create one. It may seem like a whole lot of effort, but let me tell you from experience that you will be reaping the benefits for many, many months to come!

For example, the following two posts on FertileBrains were dead for a good year and a half (give or take a couple of months), before I decided to try the Infographic experiment. To this day, I still receive daily traffic from Pinterest for these posts thanks to the huge repins their Infographic-length images keep receiving. And no, these two are no exceptions, I have seen the pattern repeat with other infographic length images too!

Again, if you are worried about how to get started with your first Infographic, Canva has many good templates for you to try even if you have zero design experience (like me!).

4. Submit the post for syndication on Authority Sites

Syndication on authority sites not only gives a boost to your confidence as a blogger and ups your blog’s brand value, being accepted and published also comes with the added benefit of a lesson or two on serious writing.

When any authority site accepts your post for publication, your post goes through a cycle of review from an editor. Unnecessary words are slashed, sentences are tightened and your heading is given a makeover. Though you may not appreciate all the changes made, you sure will learn a thing or two about professional writing just by virtue of being syndicated on an authority site.

These pluses are over and above the usual benefit of more eyeballs to your content and being able to connect with the right audience on a much larger platform than yours. Not just that, being featured and getting the author byline in your niche’s big sites can do wonders from SEO perspective as well. So, go ahead and give this a try.

If you are a parenting blogger and wondering which places you can try for syndicating your post, then here are three of my favorites for you:

5. Feature the post on your blog’s sidebar or in your newsletter

Sometimes, even the best posts out there die an untimely death despite your best efforts. By putting them on your sidebar as a featured post of the week/month or sending it to your email subscribers in your newsletters, you can give these posts a fresh lease of life and keep them in circulation for long.

6. Share the post on social media channels to infinity

If there is only one thing you want to do from this list, then do this: Share, share and share your post to infinity on social media channels.

Like I said before, only a fraction of your ideal audience is able to see your post each time you share it. So, go ahead and keep re-sharing, even if it is at the risk of annoying some of your more ardent followers and maybe a few unlikes.

In the long run, you will still be in the net positive and reap benefits from repeat shares as long as your content is relevant and evergreen.

A word of caution, though. You will have to remember the social media etiquette for post sharing frequency so as not to go overboard with it. Please refer to the below infographic from Blog2Social to get you started. Again, do bear in mind that like everything else blogging related, this too has to be customized based on your audience and your blog through trial and error.


SOURCE: Blog2Social

Still with me? Awesome…keep reading …

7. Improve the post’s on-page SEO Score

Improving your posts meta descriptions, keywords, media descriptions, tags, categories etc. can do wonders for your posts searchability in the long run and bring you passive traffic for months and years to come. So, on the days you are feeling uninspired to write something or take any other action from this list to resuscitate your dead blog post, work on the post’s on-page SEO Score in the background. Over time, you will reap benefits, guaranteed!

8. Link the old post to new relevant blog posts wherever appropriate

When writing any new post, think about all the relevant old posts you have written on the subject matter and link them to your new post wherever appropriate. This has two-fold benefits. First, a fraction of the audience reading your new post will click through and read your old post too. Secondly, internal link building will improve your site’s overall SEO score.

9. Group similar posts together and add them to an index page to create a tutorial series

I have not done it yet, but yes, if you have some content which lends itself to be a series, by all means, create an index page and link all the posts together as a tutorial. Like point 8 above, it will bring you both direct traffic and indirect traffic through search engines.

10. Recycle the content to create a video and upload it on YouTube

I am still new at this, but many established bloggers swear by audio-visual content. AV content is faster and easier to consume. Not only that, once you get the hang of it, you can very easily convert your tutorial type content into video content. You can personalize it too by including your webcam view if you are comfortable in front of a camera and if not, then simply do screen captures with voice over and/or music.

Check out the very first video I created for rookie inspiration!

To conclude

There are many such ways out there to revive a dead blog post with the general theme being to recycle, upcycle and recirculate the post content to present the soul of your post to your readers in new forms. So go ahead and put a unique spin on your post content before discarding it forever.

Download The Checklist

Download a PDF version of the blog post-revival checklist here.

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