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10 Signs That You Have A Strong-Willed Child

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  1. I have Sydney, aka, The Toddler Duchess. Respect my friend, for I do get it.

    1. Daisy Suman says:

      LOL…The Toddler Duchess sounds like lots of fun 🙂 I believe Threenager Duchess will be even more so! Good luck and thanks for stopping by, Cheers, D

    1. Daisy Suman says:

      ha ha ha…good luck with your strong-willed one ….I too wish it gets better with time… but as far as I can see, they get more and more headstrong with age 🙂

  2. Subhra Mazumder says:

    Well, these are some of the inborn traits very common of a Virgo. Just leave them alone and it will work wonders. They are not eaisly subdued. Don’t try and change their obstinacy… You’ve to live with it… Huh

    1. Daisy Suman says:

      Interesting angle… true that though 🙂

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