All In A Day’s Work

Small children say and do the funniest of things. What are some of the latest wise quips courtesy your children? This post series is aimed at capturing such darndest things kids say and do all in a day’s work!


Did you know there are four kinds of picky eaters? And handling each kind requires a different strategy from the parents and caregivers. Do you know which category your child falls into? This post and infographics are aimed at spreading this knowledge and helping parents choose an optimum strategy based on the appropriate category.


Father’s Day is a day to cherish the special but quiet relationship between a father and his children. What better way to celebrate it than to snuggle with your child with good books putting the spotlight on this often “taken for granted” relationship? Here are four children’s e-books to celebrate and honor this special relationship.


Just two easy ingredients, five simple steps, and two amazing end products – This post talks about how to make your own ghee (clarified butter) and Indian milk cake at home from scratch from Milk. If an inexperienced cook like me can nail it at first try, you can too. It’s much more easy than you think!


Children are voracious learners by nature. Whether it is by exploring things or by reading about them, they have an inherent need to know more about the world surrounding them. Thanks to this intrinsic nature, it is quite easy for us to nurture and encourage good reading habits in children from early on. Here are 10 ways how to.


Is the moon really made up of cheese and if it is so, then who makes the cheese and puts it there? How does the moon shine so brightly at night? This and many such questions are delightfully answered in this rhyming children’s book by Author Sally Huss. This book is sure to spur the imagination of the little kids.


What are some of the things you love (and hate at the same time) about parenting a 4- or 5-year-old? Is it their constant chatter, their creative problem-solving abilities, their elephant-like memories or their debate club worthy qualities? This post talks about 8 such things that you’ll come to love (and sometimes hate) while parenting your 4- and 5-year-olds. Don’t forget to add yours to the list!


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